Welcome to 3G Financial

We Have a New Name! 

3G Financial has formed a new relationship with Arbor Point Advisors (https://www.arborpointadvisors.com)! In addition to greater depth, we also have greater operational support offered through dedicated departments, including Wealth Strategies, Retirement Plans, Insurance, and Employee Benefits.  Together, our firm shares a passion for providing fabulous service and smart financial counsel to our clients and we expect that the synergy from our combined firms will enhance your overall experience with us.

Arbor Point Advisors, LLC is a comprehensive wealth management firm dedicated to offering the highest level of financial service to our clients. We bring indepdent advisors the best in technology, practice management and growth programs from industry thought-leaders. We offer a deep well of programs and products, fostering client success to provide a reliable and leading source of direction for individuals, families and business owners in the complex world of wealth management.  We operate through an independent structure, which allows us to develop individualized, comprehensive financial plans that are built around our clients’ needs rather than being limited by the products a single company has to offer.

Our strategic alliances with CPAs, attorneys and other financial professionals bring added depth and experience when needed.

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